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Consider using `mozilla::Hash{Map, Set}` for GeckoView history


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Details describes the differences between `mozilla::HashTable` and `ns{Data, T}Hashtable`. TL;DR: The former is faster, but at the cost of increasing executable size.

However, recording a history visit using our Places library already takes an IPC message from child to parent, a JNI call to Java, a JNA call into Rust then back into Java, another JNI call back into Gecko, and yet another IPC message back to the I doubt a hashtable is going to be our bottleneck. We can profile, and switch if it turns out to be an issue, though.
Product: Firefox for Android → GeckoView

Emilio, CCing you because you've been doing a lot of work in the history code recently. 😁

Yeah, I'd be surprised if the perf of the hash table mattered here.

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