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POP/IMAP Mail: Reading consecutive messages may cause hung up


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(Reporter: fenella, Assigned: mscott)


Linux (1999-09-28-08 M11)
1. Launch messenger
2. Select Inbox folder, read message consecutively.
Actual result: When reading POP, it gets hung up in the second message. Try it
In IMAP, the first time it got hung up was the 4th message. In the second try,
it got hung up in the 8th message.

This does not occur on Win_nt 4.0

Have not tested Mac yet.
Fenella - do you wait for each message to finish loading?  Does your console
window display anything when it appears your system is hung?
Assignee: phil → mscott
Not sure who to start with. Maybe mscott?
Funny I should get this bug....because I just did a linux build this afternoon
and I fired it up after it finished and went to read my mail just to have it
hang when selecting the message that turned out to be this bug report.

I'm investigating now....
I did wait for it to load. But
I did wait for it to load even a long time. But it did not help, when it got
hung, the previous message was still displayed.
Mac (1999-09-29-08 M11) mozilla build
This problem also occurs on Mac
Linux (1999-09-29-08 M11)
I have seen deleting consecutive messages also crashes apprunner on Linux.
That's probably true.  When you delete messages, the next message has to load so
it'll be like reading consecutive messages.
The source of this problem may be fixed by my fix for Bug #14680 which is now in
both M10 and the tip. Can one of you re-verify this bug on either build Monday?
(i.e. which ever one you are working with)
Linux (1999-10-06-08 M11)
Win32 91999-10-06-09 M11)
Consecutive read (or delete) does not cause apprunner to hang any more. But on
Win_nt4.0, it still crash appruner on the second Delete.
Fenella, can you get me a talk back report for the crash your seeing? Thanks!
Closed: 25 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Mac (1999-10-06-08 M11)
This problem does not exist on the Mac any more.

Win_nt 4.0 (1999-10-06-09 M11)
Scott, I did more consecutive delete testings on POP/IMAP using other messages,
it did not crash.  The problem I saw may be a unique problem to the message.
I'll file a separate bug for that problem.
Hmmm... I re-migrated the prefs again. Deleting the same two messages does not
cause apprunner to hang.  It must be a corrupted file. So I am not going to
write a bug report for that problem.
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Product: Core → MailNews Core
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