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Calling r.abort() in a payment event handler cause IPDL errors, killing the child process


(Core :: DOM: Web Payments, defect, P3)

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Hard to explain this since I only vaguely understand it but here goes: Payment Request handlers can take a promise instead of a function. Passing a function _call_ to a function which calls r.abort() AND also returns a value (like "error") causes the tab to crash. See p[1] which just does:

function badHandler(r) {
  return { error: "" }

function crash() {
  let request = new PaymentRequest(method, details, options);
  request.onshippingoptionchange = ev => ev.updateWith(badHandler(request));

This results in the "Gah. Your tab just crashed." message. I'm not sure if its IPC related or not, but attached is the console logs from ASAN nightly. 

I don't know if this is a security related crash or not (i think not, given that its just a tab crash), but this API isn't enabled yet so I don't see the need to restrict it. 

Component: Security: Review Requests → DOM: Web Payments
Product: Firefox → Core
Version: unspecified → 65 Branch
I think I figured this out. I think request.abort() results ultimately ends up removing the payment request from PaymentRequestService->mRequestQueue at [1]. Then, the child sends the PaymentUpdateActionRequest (as a result of event.updateWith()) this line [2] in PaymentRequestParent fails .

PPaymentRequestParent::OnMessageReceived[3] then passes a MsgProcessingError up to MessageChannel.cpp[4], which then calls ContentParent::ProcessingError[5], which does KillHard(aReason).





Priority: -- → P3
Yaron, can you leave the triage of this component to Eden/Marcos since we have a system for it:
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Sure, I'll remove you from my triage query. Sorry for the interruption. :-)
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Sorry for the garbled links! Will be fixed tomorrow.
Ignoring the merchant update, while the PaymentRequest is aborting.
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There are some r+ patches which didn't land and no activity in this bug for 2 weeks.
:edenchuang, could you have a look please?

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Just a thought - is this IPC mechansim exposed even though the API isn't enabled?

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Unfortunately, yes. But the PayementRequest API is the only one entry point for this IPC.

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Severity: normal → S3
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