Enable ESLint for dom/bindings

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As part of rolling out ESLint across the tree, we should enable it for dom/bindings.
Hi Mark, I would like to work on this one.

Thank you!
Assignee: standard8 → iblacker
Priority: -- → P2
Hi Mark, I have submitted the commits, but I don't see it here. Could you tell me if it went through fine?

Thank you
(In reply to Ruihui Yan from comment #2)
> Hi Mark, I have submitted the commits, but I don't see it here. Could you
> tell me if it went through fine?

I suspect that you didn't include the bug number, or something else went wrong. It should have given you links to revisions on phabricator (or they'll now be in the commit message headers). You should also be able to see them from the phabricator home page.

If you can, visit them, and select "Edit Revision" near the top-right, then make sure they have the correct "bugzilla bug id".

Otherwise, you'll probably have to try submitting again - check you've got the commit messages as "Bug 1508819 - <description>"
Depends on D13891

Depends on D13892

Ruihui, it looks like you did the extra changes as a separate changeset, could you use hg histedit and roll the second manual commit into the first, then run moz-phab submit again please?

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Hi @Ruihui are you still working on it? If not can I take this up?


The patches here are basically complete and I'm waiting for Ruihui to hopefully fix the last issue which was an upload one. If they don't get time, then I can fix the issue (and I would like to make sure Ruihui gets the credit for the work).

I think Ruihui is busy, so I'm going to take this and hopefully get just the last bit pushed.

Assignee: iblacker → standard8
Flags: needinfo?(iblacker)
Attachment #9040319 - Attachment is obsolete: true
Attachment #9029766 - Attachment description: Bug 1508819 - Enable ESLint for dom/bindings (manual changes) → Bug 1508819 - Enable ESLint for dom/bindings (manual changes).
Pushed by mbanner@mozilla.com:
Enable ESLint for dom/bindings (automatic changes) r=nika
Enable ESLint for dom/bindings (manual changes). r=nika
Closed: 5 months ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Target Milestone: --- → mozilla68

Assigning back to Ruihui for the record as they did most of the work here. Thanks Ruihui.

Assignee: standard8 → iblacker
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