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Enable ESLint for dom/browser-element


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firefox68 --- fixed


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As part of rolling out ESLint across the tree, we should enable it for dom/browser-element
Priority: -- → P3
Hi, I'd like to tackle this bug.
Assignee: standard8 → jsbhamber2
Hi Jagmeet, thank you for the patch, but it seems this is only the manual changes commit, and the automatic changes commit is missing.

Did you use `moz-phab submit` with no additional arguments? In theory that should upload correctly.
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No, I included another argument containing the commit number. I saw a classmate do this who included 2 commits. I used `hg summary` to list my commits but only saw the ID for the manual-changes commit.

What should I do to upload my automatic changes as well?
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I believe `hg summary` will only list the top commit. If you use just `moz-phab submit` with no additional arguments then it should automatically work out which commits to post - it will prompt you before hand as well

I've not heard from Jagmeet, so stealing this to see what we can get landed here.

Assignee: jsbhamber2 → standard8
Attachment #9030385 - Attachment description: Bug 1508823 - Enable ESLint for dom/browser-element/ → Bug 1508823 - Enable ESLint for dom/browser-element (manual changes). r?ehsan
Component: DOM → DOM: Core & HTML
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Enable ESLint for dom/browser-element (automatic changes). r=Ehsan
Enable ESLint for dom/browser-element (manual changes). r=mccr8
Closed: 8 months ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Target Milestone: --- → mozilla68
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