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Consider relaxing 4GB GC heap limit


(Core :: JavaScript: GC, enhancement, P3)

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Currently the GC heap is limited to 4GiB because the max bytes parameter is always passed in as a uint32_t (even though it's stored as a size_t internally).

Various comments in the browser suggest that passing 0xffffffff makes this unlimited, but this is not the case:

We should probably relax this limitation since people seem to be using hardware with enough RAM to hit this.

Maybe we should make the parameter specify KiB instead of bytes, or maybe treat 0xffffffff as a special case and make it mean unlimited.
Priority: -- → P5
Priority: P5 → P3

See Bug 1488480 Comment 16 for some details.

Depends on: 1530251
See Also: → 1509285
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