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[testday-20181123] toggleAudio button appears only on disabled duplicated tabs


(Firefox :: Tabbed Browser, defect, P5)

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firefox65 --- affected


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[testday-20181123] 4.Play/Mute/Unmute all selected tabs via toggleAudio button.
"Play Selected Tabs" doesn't show on selected multiple tabs. The tooltip appears only on duplicated tabs (here works fine). Disappears and doesn't appear again when you click on the duplicated tab.
Hello Kamilia, 

Could you please provide more information about this issue? 

What are the exact STR here? I am not able to reproduce this issue on the latest Nightly and Beta 64.0b12
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apply to testday-20181123, "Multi-select tabs", test case 4

1. Launch Firefox and open multiple tabs
2. Go to Youtube and open couple videos in a new tab.
3. Click and hold Ctrl key and select multiple tabs
4. Hover over Play button on a toggleAudio.

I've tested it once more, it works fine for new tabs opened by "Open link in new tab" and "duplicate tab".
I didn't get the idea at first.
Flags: needinfo?(kamciatek)
Priority: -- → P5
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