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buglist references the wrong priority field


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Bugzilla 2.16


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buglist.cgi (as downloaded from CVS today) contains a reference to the column
"priority" rather than "bugs.priority". This causes some problems on the bug
list page, e.g. an error if you try to edit multiple bugs.

This can be fixed by changing line 1340 of buglist.cgi from:

$order = "map_assigned_to.login_name, bugs.bug_status, priority, bugs.bug_id";


$order = "map_assigned_to.login_name, bugs.bug_status, bugs.priority, bugs.bug_id";
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Patch as suggested. This can't possibly hurt, and makes the reference match the
one a few lines further down. I'd say this was an obvious fix.

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Patch v.1

r=bbaetz x2

2.14 had this too
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Summary: Invalid column reference → buglist references the wrong priority field
Whiteboard: [applied to b.m.o]
Should this be in the branch as well? Did this regress from an earlier version?
If so, mark 2.16 on checkin, I'll set 2.18 for now.
Target Milestone: --- → Bugzilla 2.18
My 'it happens in 2.14.2' comment was a subtle hint that it happened in 2.14,
and doesn't break anything AFAIK, so 2.18 it is.
And my "earlier version" was a subtle hint that this might've regressed from
something even earlier :-) I'm fine with 2.18.
It does break things. E.g. for me (CVS 2.17 downloaded 2002-06-12), 'edit 
multiple bugs simultaneously' didn't work (returned an error relating to this). 
I had to apply this fix before I could get that feature to work.
Ah, ok, I see now. The ORDER sanity checking fails, because theres no . in the name.

->2.16, -> patch owner

We broke 2.14.2, too! Bleh. I'll patch that when I patch the other regression
Assignee: endico → gerv
Keywords: regression
Target Milestone: Bugzilla 2.18 → Bugzilla 2.16
What does not have . in the name?  Dave said he checked every column.
The column "priority" has no . in its name; it should be "bugs.priority". (i.e.
the point of this bug :-) )
mattyt: the preset query for Assign. It works intially, but then its set in the
cookie/QUERY_STRING, and fails in the future.
Checked in on trunk and 2.16 branch. What are we doing about 2.14.2? Do I need
to pull one of those and check in there too? Should this bug be closed?

Checking in buglist.cgi;
/cvsroot/mozilla/webtools/bugzilla/buglist.cgi,v  <--  buglist.cgi
new revision:; previous revision:

Checking in buglist.cgi;
/cvsroot/mozilla/webtools/bugzilla/buglist.cgi,v  <--  buglist.cgi
new revision: 1.178; previous revision: 1.177

Theres a separate bug fixing this issue + the trim issue for 2.14.

You can mark this bug FIXED.
per comments.
Closed: 22 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
and just for the record, I wasn't the one who checked all the columns.  I don't
know who did, this all happened during one of the weeks when I wasn't around much.
Jun 06 13:37:59 <justdave>	I enabled every column in the change columns thing
and tried sorting on each of them
Whiteboard: [applied to b.m.o]
Verifying fixed.
QA Contact: matty_is_a_geek → default-qa
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