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Instruction name shakeup, December 2018 edition


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We should track the recent changes to instruction names by introducing aliases for the new variants until we can run a rename on all code that uses the old variants.

The summary of relevant changes is probably clearest here, note that some of the instruction names are parameterized:
Blocks: 1527871
Duplicate of this bug: 1534433
Mentor: lhansen

The text format of the instructions wrap, extend, trunc, convert, demote,
promote, and reinterpret was changed recently to make them more consistent.
Signedness now appears after the type; e.g. trunc_f32_s instead of trunc_s/f32.
Also, local.tee can now be used besides tee_local.

See for reference.

Thanks! The next step here is to request a review on the patch. Supposing you want me to review this ... you can either add "r?lth" to the end of the subject line of the patch and re-upload the patch and then things should take care of themselves, or in the Phabricator UI for the patch you can select "Edit Revision" and then it should be possible for you to add a reviewer in the field for that.

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I wasn't sure if I was supposed to do that myself or not, but I have added a review request for you now. Thanks in advance!

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leave-open since the atomic operations still need to be done.

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Thanks for the review. I have added the atomic operations to Also, I do not have privileges to land the patch, so help with that would be much appreciated!

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Add support for a number of new (2018/12) text versions of WebAssembly instructions r=lth
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