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Number.prototype.toLocaleString is slow


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function test(n) {
  let t0 =;
  for (let i = 0; i < n; i++) {
    someGlobalVar = i.toLocaleString('foo');
  return - t0;

On my macbook, test(30000) returns about 1000, i.e. it takes about a second to run. Maybe it's just me, but that seems slow; we can do about ten million calls to i.toString() in the same amount of time.

Is there work in toLocaleString that we should be caching?
It's still slow if you use 'en-US' as the locale string.
One reason to care about this is that Array.prototype.toLocaleString() does in fact call .toLocaleString on each element, so it might be an almost normal thing to have this method called thousands of times.
This has real-world consequences: toLocaleString is so slow that using it in about:memory caused serious performance problems (bug 1517354) that were resolved by ripping it out.

bug 15173540

There's a typo in that bug number, it should be bug 1517354.

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Looks like 77% of this is in js::intl_FormatNumber unsurprisingly. (And a further 7% in one of the other leaves, not sure why precisely.) Within there,

  • 27% in unum_open
  • 19% in PartitionNumberFormat and most of that in unum_formatDoubleForFields
  • 18% in js::intl::GetInternalsObject
  • 12% in unum_setAttribute (!) corresponding to icu::DecimalFormat::setRoundingMode (wat)

Some portions of overhead in there that we could eliminate for sure. Other bits in there are in ICU. We aren't entirely helped by jumping in and out of self-hosted code frequently, it appears, perhaps as a general concern.

A fair number of things that could be investigated here, for sure.

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Priority: -- → P2
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