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offscreencanvas doesn't seem to work


(Core :: Canvas: 2D, enhancement, P5)

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(Keywords: feature, Whiteboard: [gfx-noted])

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Steps to reproduce:

try this page,

after enable offscreen cavas in about:config, this page still can't be rendered.

Actual results:

on the page, the offscreen canvas is rendered as blank

Expected results:

offscreen canvas should work if enabled
the same page works fine in chrome
I realized that not only offscreencanvas doesn't work on my machine, webgl doesn't work at all.

I checked about:support, firefox can detect my nvidia 1080ti gpu, and I have webgl working fine under chrome.

I searched, someone said this might be a bug in nvidia driver, if firefox is launched with sudo, the issue will be gone.

I tried, but I wasn't able to start firefox with sudo, I saw errors with Mir.

another error message I saw with the terminal was can't find the right fbconfig or something. 

I'm using ubuntu 17 with firefox 64/61.
Keywords: feature
Priority: -- → P5
See Also: → 2D-OffscreenCanvas
Whiteboard: [gfx-noted]
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