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Opening Composer with javascript (netscape.plugin.composer.Document.editDocument)


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Netscape 4 has the function netscape.plugin.composer.Document.editDocument
which opens a specific URL in conposer and the possibility to edit and publish
the changed document.
This is a "must" to integrate composer into CMS.
Can we have this function in mozilla too ??
It would be very helpfull.

Reproducible: Always
Steps to Reproduce:
Enter this code:
<script language="JavaScript">
  if (navigator.javaEnabled() && netscape)   

You will get an JavaScript error
Confirming that this is 4xp.  I prefer the method in bug 97284, allowing the
page to make an element in the page editable.
Ever confirmed: true
Keywords: 4xp
Summary: Opening Composer with Javascript → Opening Composer with javascript (netscape.plugin.composer.Document.editDocument)
This specific request will never be implemented. Mozilla does not come with Java
and therefore I can't see anyone paying someone to implement 4.x-compatible java
composer plugin support -- which were pretty obscure to begin with.

plugins in a generic sense, maybe. I saw a bug that implied something like this
might be necessary for PGP support, for example, so there may be enough interest
to do something about it someday (am I non-committal enough for you?). An
XPCOM-based plugin mechanism could get some support.
... will never be implemented ...
That are hard words. But where is the problem?
We have a package with a browser, a editor, a mail-client ...
We can open the mail-client out of the browser (mailto:..)
Why can't we open the composer in the same way???
We don't have Java. I don't work on the composer so I'm only predicting, not
dictating, but java-based 4.x-compatible composer plugin support is just not in
the cards.

The ability to open a composer window via javascript in *some* way is another
story. Sure, someone may do that. I thought I said as much in the my second
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Assignee: syd → composer
I liked the idea of opening an url in the composer by setting a link to
composer://, the same way we use mailto:...

As for the comment on "mailto:... -We don't have JAVA..." how does Mozilla open
a new Mail window (i.e. ?? Is there no way to accomplish this
the same way for the composer???

err... blah...

1. i loved those obscure plugins. but i don't have the time/energy to waste on
adding support for them.
2. mailto: doesn't open our mail client, it says "this is an email address,
please handle it with the registered mailto: handler", in mozilla w/ mailnews
installed, that's generally mailnews, but it isn't necessarily.
3. the way mozilla opens a window using mailto: really doesn't relate to anything
4. ... if you're really interested in supporting
netscape.plugin.composer.Document.editDocument, you could probably do so w/o
java. It'd be a hack and almost certainly vaguely incompatible w/ n4's impl (I'd
never heard of this entrypoint until today, and i used n4 composer plugins).
5. content editable landed a while ago, so CMS needs are addressed in an ie
compatible manner.
6. talking about obscure, google has 4 hits: 2 are the same reference, one is a
question about whether mozilla supports it, and the last is Classic bookmarks
code which just happens to mention that url.
7. suppose i'm an end user and i don't want random web pages to open composer on
me, what do i do? (the answer would be caps, but what a pain.)
8. lastly, whatever you do, don't try to evaluate javascript:netscape in a debug
build today.
Product: Browser → Seamonkey
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QA Contact: sujay → composer
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