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17 years ago
It would be nice if filters could identify senders by their nick in the
address book. I'd like to be able to construct a filter which refers to
all mail addresses listed in an address book entry, but by listing just
a unique key for the entry instead of copying those addresses by hand.
A hypothetical example of how such a filter could look in the UI:

For incoming messages that:
                            (*) Match any of the following:
(Sender) (is address book nick)   [traal                  ]
(Sender) (is address book person) [Jenny Dalenius         ]
Perform this action:
(Move to folder) (Friends on Lysator)

This example would match any incoming mail whose sender is any of the
mail addresses listed in my personal address book for the entries whose
Nick field is "traal", or whose Display name is "Jenny Dalenius".

This suggestion could be considered related to the bugs 65135, 34340,
34342 and 62687.


17 years ago
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Summary: Filter based on addresses of a nick in addressbook → Filter based on addresses of a nickname in addressbook
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11 years ago
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