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PersistentRooted<GCHashSet> does not work in ShellContext


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arai attempted to use PersistentRooted<GCHashSet> and got a !Empty() assertion during shutdown.
The problem seems to be that we don't actually delete the main ShellContext. (We do delete worker ones).

This is not the minimal necessary change, I don't think -- when tracing through, it seemed wrong to be deleting the runtime before the context, so I swapped the order, then fixed up everything that broke.

If that causes too many issues, I can undo that part.
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Fix shell context shutdown ordering

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::: js/src/shell/js.cpp
@@ +11102,5 @@
>    DestructSharedObjectMailbox();
>    CancelOffThreadJobsForRuntime(cx);
> +  JS_SetContextPrivate(cx, nullptr);

Do we not need to do this in the worker case?

::: js/src/threading/ProtectedData.cpp
@@ +55,2 @@
>    JSContext* cx = TlsContext.get();
> +  MOZ_ASSERT_IF(cx, CurrentThreadCanAccessRuntime(cx->runtime()));

Does this allow the check to pass if this is called on an unrelated (non-SM) thread?  That seems bad.
Clearing out the context's private data isn't really necessary anywhere, it just felt dangerous to be running a bunch of code during shutdown with a dangling pointer. But you're right, I should clear it consistently. Fixed.

I switched to using AutoNoteSingleThreadedRegion to suppress the checks, and it appears to shut down successfully.

Do you have an opinion on whether a cx or rt should be shut down first, btw? Because if I didn't change that, then this patch would be simpler. Maybe it's just because my head is still stuck in a multiple-cx world that it seems wrong to me to blow away the runtime first and have a period where there is a cx without an rt. An rt without a cx didn't seem as bad.
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Attachment #9034520 - Flags: review?(jcoppeard)
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Fix shell context shutdown ordering

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Ah, I see.

I agree, it feels like we should destroy the context before the runtime.
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Fix shell context shutdown ordering, r=jonco
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