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Remove usage of signature_hash in Perfherder


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Per a conversation with :wlach, the usage of signature_hash should be deprecated and removed in Perfherder - in the graphs controller and comparesubtestdistribution replicates controller. However, this might require versioning changes to performance/signature and performance/datum since the returned data is designed to be accessed by hash key.

If signature_hash can be replaced then the compare view 'graph' and comparesubtest view 'replicate' urls should also replace the signature_hash query param with signature_id (currently PerformanceDatum has 'id', PerformanceSignature has 'signature_id').

Dave, this is basically technical dept that should be addressed at some point. Benefits of this mean some query time improvements + cleaner code to reason about.

I'd mark this as P3.

Priority: -- → P3

Maybe we can resume this at the end of Q3?

This was one of the tasks I wasn't able to complete as part of the conversion - there's still usage in the UI that's been carried over.

See Also: → 1416861
Duplicate of this bug: 1416861
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