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Convert test_TelemetryScalars.js to use TelemetryTestUtils for getParentProcessScalars


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Thanks to bug 1518152 we now have a TelemetryTestUtils module that contains some common test code. test_TelemetryScalars.js should be changed to use the common code instead of its own getParentProcessScalars implementation.

To help Mozilla out with this bug, here's the steps:

  1. Comment here on the bug that you want to volunteer to help. I (or someone else) will assign it to you.
  2. Download and build the Firefox source code:
  3. Start working on this bug. You'll be working in the test_TelemetryScalars.js file, replacing its own getParentProcessScalars with calls to TelemetryTestUtils.getParentProcessScalars. The function signatures are slightly different, so we'll need to add Ci.nsITelemetry.DATASET_RELEASE_CHANNEL_OPTOUT to most calls.
    • If you have any problems with this bug, please comment on this bug and set the needinfo flag for me. Also, you can find me and my teammates on the #telemetry channel on IRC ( most hours of most days.
  4. Build your change with mach build and test your change with mach test toolkit/components/telemetry/tests/test_TelemetryScalars.js. Also check your changes for adherence to our style guidelines by using mach lint
  5. Submit the patch for review. Mark me as a reviewer so I'll get an email to come look at your code.
  6. After a series of reviews and changes to your patch, I'll mark it for checkin or push it to autoland. Your code will soon be shipping to Firefox users worldwide!
  7. you get to think about what kind of bug you'd like to work on next. Let me know what you're interested in and I can help you find your next contribution.

Is this anyway related to Bug 1519480? I wouldn't mind working on it if these two are similar.

Assignee: nobody → varundey20
Priority: -- → P3

Changed the reference of getParentProcessScalars in test_TelemetryScalars.js

Attachment #9037685 - Attachment description: Fix 1519476 Change reference of getParentProcessScalars to TelemetryTestUtils → Bug 1519476 - Change reference of getParentProcessScalars to TelemetryTestUtils
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Change reference of getParentProcessScalars to TelemetryTestUtils r=chutten
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Bug 1519476 - Change reference of getParentProcessScalars to TelemetryTestUtils r=chutten
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