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[PATCH] Extensions using native messaging silently fail on OpenBSD


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firefox69 --- fixed


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Extensions using some features of native messaging appear to fail on OpenBSD. In the case that they need to launch a helper application, that application fails to launch, and the browser log contains a message about not being able to convert a null pointer to an array.

This appears to be because environ is a NULL pointer when empty, and checking for this prior to filling in the environment before launching the application fixes the issue. Patch attached.

I tested with firefox 64.0.2 on amd64 OpenBSD-current and the KeePassXC browser extension. Before this patch, trying to connect to a database would fail with a timeout, and after functionality worked perfectly.

Here's the exact error message and stacktrace:

cannot read contents of null pointer ctypes.char.ptr.ptr(ctypes.UInt64("0x0")) subprocess_unix.jsm:117
InterpretGeneratorResume self-hosted:1255:8 next self-hosted:1210:9 getEnvironment
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Product: Firefox → Toolkit
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Hey Kris, could you push this change to the try server for testing? Thanks

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This is trivial enough not to need a try run as long as it works locally.

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Cool. In that case, what else do I need to take care of before this can be merged? I've been running this locally for a few days now.

You just need to add the checkin-needed keyword.

Keywords: checkin-needed

Hi William, please add a commit message to the patch in the shape of:
Bug 1519750 - <describe what the patch does>. r=kmag
Also please add your name and email address to the patch, so it would be visible in Threeherder and in that you are the author of the patch. I normally use these commands:
hg qrefresh -e (for editing commit message)
hg qrefresh -u "Name <email adress>"
After doing that please add again checkin-needed to the bug and the sheriffs will land the patch.

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There's a r+ patch which didn't land and no activity in this bug for 2 weeks.
:will, could you have a look please?

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Sorry about disappearing, I moved overseas and honestly forgot about this patch. I've updated it with the commit message as requested.

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Pushed by
Fix null pointer dereference in native messaging on OpenBSD. r=kmag

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Hi Will:

from IRC:
pulsebot> Check-in: - "William Orr - Bug 1519750 - Fix null pointer dereference in native messaging on OpenBSD. r=kmag
1:26 AM
<Kwan> hmm, William Orr should unquote their ui.username in hgrc

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Dropping old NI as Will is not active recently.

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