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Consider renaming ChromeBrowsingContext


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Currently this is too easy to confuse with a BrowsingContext of type Chrome. Perhaps we want to have it be called BrowsingContextParent or similar.

ni? farre for thoughts

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Another naming idea: ManagerBrowsingContext

The class is only used in the parent process, but it isn't exactly "sided", but rather extended storage and information which only the parent process should have access to, so making it clear that it's the type for BrowsingContext used by the Manager might make things more clear.

Yeah, I'd totally go for a better name. I agree that Parent implies sidedness, but I'm also kind of allergic to classes named Manager :) And manager also makes me think that there's only one instance. And that goes for Parent as well, since we usually have Parent/Child mean a 1:1 relationship across process boundaries.

We could bring back AbstractBrowsingContext, but that's every bit as vague as MBC. More suggestions:

  • SyncedBrowsingContext, as it is synced
  • ExtendedBrowsingContext, as in it has more data than regular BC
  • OwnerBrowsingContext, in that ... I don't know, is ownery
  • ReplicatedBrowsingContext, in that it is where BC's are replicated
  • CanonicalBrowsingContext, as in that it is what we consider to be the true representation of a BC tree
  • CheckedBrowsingContext, as in that is here we check that stuff is valid

I like CanonicalBrowsingContext, CheckedBrowsingContext and lastly AbstractBrowsingContext. But in the end, anything but ChromeBrowsingContext.

Did I mention that I've got a degree in bikeshedding?

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I do like CanonicalBrowsingContext, so I'm OK with that. GlobalBrowsingContext or something like that could work too?

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Rename ChromeBrowsingContext to CanonicalBrowsingContext. r=nika

Canonical it is

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