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Transition in-tree jcjones/u2f-hid-rs to vendoring mozilla/authenticator-rs v0.2.5


(Core :: DOM: Web Authentication, enhancement, P3)




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firefox66 --- wontfix
firefox69 --- fixed


(Reporter: jcj, Assigned: eijebong)



(Whiteboard: [webauthn][u2f])


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Primarily picking up Might want to wait until 67.

Component: DOM: Device Interfaces → DOM: Web Authentication
Assignee: nobody → jjones
See Also: → 1548895
Summary: Upgrade u2f-hid-rs to v0.2.4 → Transition jcjones/u2f-hid-rs to mozilla/authenticator-rs v0.2.4

Anything new on this ? It's the last thing preventing the removal of rand 0.3. I'm not sure if doing it would be ok with you since you're assigned

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I haven't had time to pick this up, been busy with Fennec. I'll be getting it in this release, but I was hoping to also remove u2f-hid-rs from-tree and vendor-in authenticator-rs as part of it.

I just released 0.2.5 to for the purpose. If you'd like to take on swapping from in-tree to vendoring though before I get there, feel free to! Sorry for the delay.

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No problem with the delay, I'll do it if I have some time before you do. I was just hesitant because the issue was assigned and I'm not familiar with the bugzilla customs

Fair enough. Consider this permission to take it -- it's assigned to me mostly as a reminder to Do It Do It Do It. :)

Summary: Transition jcjones/u2f-hid-rs to mozilla/authenticator-rs v0.2.4 → Transition in-tree jcjones/u2f-hid-rs to vendoring mozilla/authenticator-rs v0.2.5
Duplicate of this bug: 1544401
Duplicate of this bug: 1395293

This is now blocked on

Other than that, everything went smoothly, I'll push my patch once 0.2.6 gets released updated to 0.2.6 -- thank you!

Assignee: jjones → eijebong

This replaces the in-tree u2fhid (which has been renamed to
authenticator) by the published crate.

Pushed by
Part 1: Use a vendored version of authenticator. r=jcj
Part 2: revendor dependencies. r=jcj
Closed: 1 year ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Target Milestone: --- → mozilla69
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