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Content processes crash when Firefox is launched from open links from other applications


(Core :: Security: Process Sandboxing, defect)

Windows 10
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This is how this happened for me: I downloaded a localized build from , ran the installer, which failed for compatibility reasons (these build look like they don't use the right installer bits), and the dialog for that has a link for more information, which, when you have Firefox as the default browser, opens Firefox with the link, but that just opens a crashed tab.

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I'm having trouble reproducing this, I get the failed install, but I get a dialog which says click OK for more information.
That seems to launch Firefox without a problem.

How do you get this dialog with the link?

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Here's the STR I just followed:

  • Download (not using latest-mozilla-central-l10n on purpose because the installer bug landed on autoland, and depending when it's merged and when you try for yourself, you might get a fixed installer)
  • Close Firefox
  • Open Downloads folder in Explorer, and open the downloaded installer.
  • That shows a dialog which says click OK for more information. That might have changed recently, or maybe it's different based on the locale. Anyways, clicking on Ok does open Firefox with a new tab for whatever url it tries to open, and a "Gah your tab just crashed" content.
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Now, the interesting thing is that I just went to about:config, and found that security.sandbox.content.level is actually modified to 0. So this might not be sandbox related in the end. Let's see if I can find crash reports.

No crash reports have been submitted :(

Note, something else changed recently (from upgrading to latest nightly?): I do start to see a page before the "Gah your tab just crashes", which didn't happen before.

David, are you able to reproduce this? It's happening reliably for me, at security.sandbox.content.level 0 or 2, and surprisingly, crash dumps I get don't seem to point to anything in Gecko...

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Ok, this was all due to an old nightly install being registered as default browser, and the recent nightly not telling me it wasn't the default. So when opening the link from the installer, I was ending up using the old version, which crashed.

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