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One should be able to disable drag and drop (dnd) [needed for kiosk mode]


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The reason one wants to disable d'n'd is that for kiosk mode applications a drag
of an image/link onto the page itself will load that image/page.

On the example page drag the number (upper left, blue) on to the top button
(yellow, "Gesamt.."). Result: Only the image (the number) is shown.
Expected: Nothing would be happen since one has disabled drag'n'drop for the
keyboard less kioskmode (with all but one mousekey disabled).
qa contact -> pmac
QA Contact: tpreston → pmac
Blocks: 3341
Summary: One should be able to disable drag and drop (dnd) → One should be able to disable drag and drop (dnd) [needed for kiosk mode]
This should be possible already for embedders to do.  There are hooks to
disable.  If someone wanted this functionality in mozilla, it could probably be
done with prefs using these apis also.  See nsIOverrideDropSite and
For single pages, one could use window.onDragDrop, I say "could" because this
event is not fired (bug 112288, see also: bug 50582).
I need to disable drag and drop of folders in Mozilla Mail. I use a laptop and
too often Mozilla Mail copies or moves a folder. You very rarely want to move
I would like to be disable dragging on hyperlinks without recompiling the
browser.  When using a touch screen, attempting to click on a hyperlink tends to
cause the drag icon to show up instead of causing the click to be executed.

As a workaround, I replaced all the <A HREF> tags with <BUTTON> which do not
have this behaviour.  Problem now is that button does not accept multiple lines
of text.

I use Debian Linux.
Assignee: bross2 → nobody
QA Contact: pmac
I also use a touchscreen and have problems with the hyperlinks!
When i use the plugin "grab and drag" to scroll with my fingers, i often hit a link and drag it instead of scrolling the current page.

There is an option to disable it at pictures: nglayout.enable_drag_images -> false

But it would be great to do this with links!



In the plugin "Grab and drag" is an option like "grab everywhere to scroll".
So you can hit everywhere without dragging links and you can scroll such it is in Acrobat-Reader!
The option is in the main-settings-page of the plugin ->behavior ->second line.

Don't shoot me if it isn't word by word and no good English, because I speak German.

Hope this is also helpful, otherwise contact me.

QA Contact: drag-drop
Severity: normal → S3
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