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"WebDriver:MinimizeWindow" and "WebDriver:FullscreenWindow" don't initially restore normal window state


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I have seen this yesterday while working on bug 1521028. Both the commands do not restore the normal window state before entering the requested state. It means that it causes side-effects, and test failures for tests I'm going to add on bug 1521028.

As written in the WebDriver specification the window has to be restored or to unhide, which implies to me that it also has to be changed from a maximized to a normal state:

I want to land this separate to have it shipped a bit faster given that the work on bug 1521028 would still take at least one more day.

The window should always be restored first to the normal window state,
before a special state like fullscreen or minimized can be entered.

Right now this isn't done when going from a maximized window into
fullscreen mode, or when minimizing the window.

I don't understand what's happening here in the try build for MacOS opt builds, and the wpt1 and wpt2 test jobs:

Why are the web-audio tests failing on that platform and build combination only? When I run this all locally I don't see any failures for web-audio.

I talk to Nils and he suggested to ask Paul about it. Paul, when you have a bit of time (once you are back) could you please have a look? Thanks!

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Ok, I can actually replicate this problem when using the Firefox binary from the try build as created by TaskCluster:

Maybe there is something busted with the artifact build? To prove that submitted another try build with a full build:

Ok, that full try build was successful. So it's most likely that there was a problem with the generated artifact build, or the commit is was based off, and a patch for those failures landed afterward.

This is safe to review and land.

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[marionette] Restore maximized window first before entering fullscreen or minimizing the window. r=ato
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