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The pressed state of the Cookies subpanel buttons in the Control Centre with the dark theme has inconsistent colouring


(Firefox :: Site Identity and Permission Panels, defect, P3)




Tracking Status
firefox65 --- wontfix
firefox66 --- affected


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Please see the screenshot. The problem is that the icon and the "Cookies" label do change their colour but the "Blocking Tracking Cookies" label to the right doesn't. This causes a jarring effect when you press the button.

This seems specific to Ubuntu (and dark mode?), but we should still try to fix it.

Priority: -- → P3

It is specific to dark mode for sure. About it being specific to Ubuntu, I am not sure. I can confirm it doesn't reproduce on Windows, and that I have nothing Ubuntu-specific installed in my profile. This does reproduce on a local build with a new profile on Linux, FWIW.

FWIW the wrong color for the "Cookies" label comes from this CSS rules (the :hover:active pseudo-class):

whereas the colour of the "Blocking Tracking Cookies" label comes from

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