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History.pushState limit may be too low for some live sites


(Core :: DOM: Navigation, enhancement, P3)




Webcompat Priority revisit
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firefox66 --- affected


(Reporter: twisniewski, Unassigned)



(Whiteboard: [webcompat])

While I personally consider it an abuse of the history pushState mechanism, there is at least one site using it with larger amounts of data (several hundred k per pushState at when the user changes pages to see more products).

It might be worth revisiting this limit for the sake of interop, though I'm not sure if Chrome has a set limit or something heuristically-driven.

If nothing else I would at least recommend changing the error that's thrown to something more informative than throwing a generic NS_ERROR_ILLEGAL_VALUE exception.

Flags: webcompat?

Migrating Webcompat whiteboard priorities to project flags. See bug 1547409.

Webcompat Priority: --- → ?

See bug 1547409. Migrating whiteboard priority tags to program flags.

The current limit is 2MB ( which is already too large for session history.

Priority: -- → P3
Webcompat Priority: ? → revisit

This is also affecting the ASDA store locator page.

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