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Limit number of spocs from the same brand shown simultaneously.


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Firefox 67
67.2 - Feb 11 - 24
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firefox67 --- fixed


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We often return spocs from the same branch but with slightly different titles or images to test which of these performs best. We generally don't want multiple spocs from the same brand to show up on the same new-tab page.

  • The API will send an integer spocs.spocs_per_brand.
  • Brands can be identified by the domain field in the Spoc.
  • The client should limit the number of spocs from the same domain per new-tab to spocs_per_brand.

:mathijs, what do you think about calling it spocs_per_domain to clarify the behavior? Also, we will be using the domain field from the JSON response and not the domain (host) of the link provided for the SPOC, right?

Flags: needinfo?(mathijs)

I'll use spocs_per_domain. I updated my description to clarify we will use the domain field in the spoc.

Flags: needinfo?(mathijs)
Iteration: 66.4 - Jan 21 - 27 → 67.1 - Jan 28 - Feb 10
Severity: normal → enhancement
Priority: -- → P2

Nick, let's talk about this during the work week and decide on course of action for deduping spocs

Flags: needinfo?(nchapman)
Iteration: 67.1 - Jan 28 - Feb 10 → 67.2 - Feb 11 - 24
Priority: P2 → P1

I have a question that came up while doing this.

Which spoc should I take if I have two in a list. The first one, or the one with the highest item_score?

In the case of first one, that feels wrong because the second one would never get seen.

For item_score, I'm not sure what they means in the cases where we don't have these personalized.

Maybe this and personalization are strongly tied together.


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Target Milestone: --- → Firefox 67
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