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ResourceTiming duration should be non-0 for failed DNS, TCP, SSL


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Steps to reproduce:

Load a resource that is aborted due to a network error such as DNS, TCP or SSL failure.

Fetch the resource from ResourceTiming.


Actual results:

For DNS lookup failures, TCP connection failures, SSL handshake failures, etc, I would expect the startTime and respondEnd to reflect the start and end of the attempted connection, and be different from each other.

Similarly, I would expect duration to be non-0 (reflect how long it took for DNS, TCP, SSL, etc to fail).

Instead, we see that startTime == responseEnd and duration == 0.

Expected results:

On getting, the responseEnd attribute MUST return as follows:
The time immediately after the user agent receives the last byte of the response or immediately before the transport connection is closed, whichever comes first. The resource here can be received either from relevant application caches, local resources, or from the server.
The time immediately before the user agent aborts the fetch due to a network error.

Component: Untriaged → Networking
Product: Firefox → Core

Valentin, can you confirm this?

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:selenamarie, could you have a look please?

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