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[meta] Run taskcluster task from mach try on Bitbar


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Bitbar has their win10/aarch64 device set up in their data centre.

Attempt a ./mach try push to try-server and have the task spin up on the win10/aarch64 hardware hosted at Bitbar.



win10/aarch64 hardware hosted at Bitbar running generic-worker 12.0.0 accepts build task and is able to successfully build and sign.

xpcshelltest is invoked and the tests are started, however according to the logs every test experiences a timeout. Eventually is no longer able to schedule new threads:

22:03:15     INFO -  Traceback (most recent call last):
22:03:15     INFO -    File "C:\tasks\task_1549067048\build\tests\xpcshell\", line 1667, in <module>
22:03:15     INFO -      main()
22:03:15     INFO -    File "C:\tasks\task_1549067048\build\tests\xpcshell\", line 1662, in main
22:03:15     INFO -      if not xpcsh.runTests(options):
22:03:15     INFO -    File "C:\tasks\task_1549067048\build\tests\xpcshell\", line 1429, in runTests
22:03:15     INFO -      mobileArgs, **kwargs)
22:03:15     INFO -    File "C:\tasks\task_1549067048\build\tests\xpcshell\", line 1535, in runTestList
22:03:15     INFO -  TEST-START | xpcshell-child-process.ini:dom/indexedDB/test/unit/test_key_requirements.js
22:03:15     INFO -      test.start()
22:03:15     INFO -    File "c:\mozilla-build\python\Lib\", line 745, in start
22:03:15     INFO -      _start_new_thread(self.__bootstrap, ())
22:03:15     INFO -  thread.error: can't start new thread

Issue may be due to chunk count not being set to 8 (default 1) for windows platform.

Summary: Run taskcluster task from mach try on Bitbar → [meta] Run taskcluster task from mach try on Bitbar

Previous run was building a win64/x86_64 image and using that on the win10/aarch64 hardware in an attempt to run xpcshell.

This obviously led to errors.

A newer run: efMBjsn0Q66A2tvOdHEHDw has been scheduled.

xpcshell has been confirmed to run successfully on the win10/aarch64 hardware, pushed through Taskcluster to the generic-worker. See test-windows10-aarch64/opt-xpcshell-1

Changes that were required to support this run as done by jmaher:

Treeherder: link

Taskcluster: link

The following changes were made by jmaher to add windows10-aarch64/opt and enable tests:

Tests have been running on win10/aarch64 hardware for several hours, with good results.

Closed: 5 years ago
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