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Create a preference to enable message grouping in the console


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The preference should be set to false as it will be used for the development process.
We could name it devtools.webconsole.groupWarningMessages for example.

Priority: -- → P2
Whiteboard: [console-unclutter]
Blocks: 1525618
Summary: Create a property to enable message grouping in the console → Create a preference to enable message grouping in the console
Whiteboard: [console-unclutter] → [console-grouping]

Hello Helenatxu, would you be interested working on this bug?

This is a nice first bug, we need to add the following line :

pref("devtools.webconsole.groupWarningMessages", false);

in devtools/client/preferences/devtools-client.js#286.

Flags: needinfo?(helenaenred)

Hi Nicolas! Thank you for thinking about me for this bug, I will get my hands on it asap!

Flags: needinfo?(helenaenred)

(In reply to Nicolas Chevobbe from comment #1)

Hello Marco, after some problems downloading the repo, I finally managed to get everything running on my laptop.

So, that's it with this issue? Just to add that line in between all the other preferences? Shouldn't I add any other functionality anywhere?

Hello Helena, I'm glad everything worked out, but I'm sorry that was so painful :/

So, yes, the bug is about adding this preference, which will be used after for some functionality.
For now, it will get you used to create a patch, submit to review, … in short, get familiar with the workflow :)

You can check that the line you entered has an effect by running firefox with the change, opening about:config, search for devtools.webconsole.groupWarningMessages and check that it is indeed set to false.

Then you can commit, and push to review (you can read for that).


(In reply to Nicolas Chevobbe from comment #4)

Hi Nicolas! Thank you for assigning me an easy patch to start with so I get familiar with workflow, which was something very new to me. I have submitted already my patch here

You may say that I renamed in Phabricator the title to correct a typo and add the correct description to the commit. Also the first time I did it I first executed the arc diff command before doing hg commit, so I changed some commented text to be able to execute arc diff again. Newbie mistakes :)

Could you tell me if there is anything else to do? If not, is it possible to land my patch and assign me a new bug to keep contributing? Thank you Nicolas!

Bug 1525613 - Created a preference to enable message grouping in the console. r=nchevobbe.

Attachment #9047045 - Attachment description: Dev-tools. Created preference to enable message grouping in the console. → Bug 1525613 - Create a preference to enable message grouping in the console. r=nchevobbe.

Thanks a lot Helena!
Let's wait until TRY (our test infrastructure) is done.

For the next patch, you might be interested in using to push patches to phabricator.
There's a few checks that are run (for the commit message format, the reviewer, …), and it also auto fill the relevant fields on phabricator based on that.

Assignee: nobody → helenaenred
Priority: P2 → P1
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Create a preference to enable message grouping in the console. r=nchevobbe.

Everything looked good on try, so I pushed the patch to autoland. It will run a few more tests and stuff, and at some point later today or tomorrow the bug should be marked as resolved :)

I'm going to try to file new good first bugs today, I'll ping you there :)

Thank you Nicolas for your guidance :)

I'll wait then for the new bug to be assign to me.

Closed: 5 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Target Milestone: --- → Firefox 67
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