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Please consider adding Firefox's BuildID string to Marionette's capabilities object


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tl;dr - would you please consider/look at including Firefox's BuildID, output as a string, in Marionette's capabilities object?

BuildID variable in application.ini

WebPageTest, via its wptagent[0], gets it from Marionette's capabilities object[1] as the string browserVersion, with a sample value "67.0a1".

Since Firefox 64, navigator.buildID() no longer works, according to, so, even if it were to get it via documented means I've come across, we'd get something like this fixed one: "20181001000000".

Perhaps it could be added as a vendor-prefixed string -- moz along with the others, e.g.

For more context, I'm close to submitting my WebPageTest perf-runs to the Mozilla Telemetry Data Pipeline (, and an accurate browserVersion/browser_version is key (no Python-dict pun intended, but I'll take it).

Here's what we have (will have):

(Also helpful would be the SHA commit hash for mozilla-central for each build, available via about:buildconfig, and has a value like: but that's totally another bug, another day.)


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(In reply to Stephen Donner [:stephend] from comment #0)

BuildID variable in application.ini

Both buildid and the commit id we should be able to query via Services or a different JSM in Marionette server. That will be safer than trying to access it via that before-mentioned file.

Add buildID to returned list of capabilities when a new session is started with
Marionette. This new capability will live in moz:buildID.

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Add buildID to returned capabilities list for Marionette; r=ato
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