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Green up Android tests with containerless scrolling enabled (part 1)


(Core :: Panning and Zooming, enhancement, P3)




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firefox67 --- fixed


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I haven't gotten all Android tests to pass with containerless scrolling enabled, but I have fixes that green up some of the tests, and I'd like to start getting them reviewed and landed without waiting for everything to be green.

I'm going to post the fixes I have so far in this bug.

In bug 1521644, we changed the clip rect computation so we don't divide by
the resolution when using containerless scrolling. The rationale for that
change was that this clip becomes a clip rect on the async zoom container
layer, which is applied after the resolution in the compositor.

However, when building a display list for event delivery, this rationale
does not apply as there are no layers and no compositor involved.

Depends on D19219

Blocks: 1527516
Pushed by
Hook up reftest-async-{scroll,zoom} for containerless scrolling. r=kats
Build an async zoom container for event delivery as well. r=mstange
Don't muck with the RCD-RSF composition bounds clip rect during event delivery. r=mstange
Disable container scrolling in APZ zoom mochitests. r=kats
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