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Add SecureTrust Root Certificates


(NSS :: CA Certificate Root Program, task)

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(Whiteboard: [ca-cps-review] - KW 2019-05-17)


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Root inclusion information supplied in CCADB root inclusion case.

The information for this request is here:

Frank, Thank you for using the new process to file your root inclusion request. I will review it as soon as possible. (I returned from vacation today.)

Ever confirmed: true
Whiteboard: [ca-verifying]

Frank, Please add a comment to this bug when you are ready for me to review your updated root inclusion request data.

Whiteboard: [ca-verifying] → [ca-verifying] - KW 2019-04-01 - Comment #2

(In reply to fcorday from comment #3)

We expect to have all documents and information in place 3 weeks from today. Thank you for all your help.

This request is to include the following 3 root certificates, and for all of them enable the email (S/MIME) and websites (TLS) trust bits and also enable EV treatment.

  • Trustwave Global Certification Authority
  • Trustwave Global ECC P256 Certification Authority
  • Trustwave Global ECC P384 Certification Authority

This CA already has the following root certificates included in Mozilla's root store:

  • Secure Global CA (Email; Websites) EV
  • SecureTrust CA (Websites) EV
  • XRamp Global Certification Authority (Email; Websites) EV

The details about this root inclusion request are here:

Frank, Please search for the word "NEED" in the document above to see where further information or action is requested.

In particular, for each of the new root certs:

  1. Explain why this root cert needs to be included in the root store, rather than being signed by another CA’s root certificate that is already included.
    Explain the unique function of this root, especially if requesting inclusion of multiple roots.

  2. Enter the existing intermediate certificates for this root into the CCADB, as per

Please add a comment to this bug when both items have been completed.

Whiteboard: [ca-verifying] - KW 2019-04-01 - Comment #2 → [ca-verifying] - KW 2019-05-15 - Comment #7

Hello Kathleen,

The items you requested are completed.

The information for this root inclusion request is available at the following URL.

This root inclusion request is ready for the Detailed CP/CPS Review phase, step 3 of
so assigning this bug to Wayne.

There is a queue waiting for detailed CP/CPS reviews:

It takes significant time and concentration to do a detailed CP/CPS review, so please be patient. In the meantime, I recommend looking at the results of the detailed CP/CPS reviews that have been previously completed.

Assignee: kwilson → wthayer
Whiteboard: [ca-verifying] - KW 2019-05-15 - Comment #7 → [ca-cps-review] - KW 2019-05-17
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