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Add some flexibility to the mach artifact install command


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and various cleanups.

The filters were added back when buildbot was still used, and some
artifacts were still using file names beginning with "firefox" or
That is not true now that all builds are on taskcluster, and for all of
them, they are now target.$ext.

Once the firefox-* and fennec-* regexp are gone, we come to realize
that all jobs have the same regexp for tests, so we can just
use that across the board and remove the definition from JOB_DETAILS.

Depends on D20441

Once all tests regexp are gone, we come to realize that all the package
regexp are the same for each ArtifactJob subclass, some we move the
definitions to the subclasses.

Depends on D20442

Instead of having cache misses for all variables that may vary when
getting job details. While the currently used variables are mostly
constants, we're going to introduce some flexibility in an subsequent

Depends on D20443

It is now not useful to keep as a separate function.

Depends on D20444

and to opt-out of test artifacts.

Depends on D20445

Blocks: 1529194
Pushed by
Remove artifact filters for firefox-* and fennec-*. r=chmanchester
Remove per-job tests regexp definition. r=chmanchester
Move per-job package regexp to per-platform. r=chmanchester
Cache list of artifacts and task id for a given set of (tree, job, rev). r=chmanchester
Remove the get_job_details function. r=chmanchester
Allow to opt-in to symbols/host-bin artifacts from the CLI. r=chmanchester
Allow to pass a different directory than $DIST to install artifacts to. r=chmanchester
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