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Label Cryptomining and Fingerprinting as Experimental in about:preferences


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These features are still under development and could result in weird breakage. We should add some extra visual indicator so that users understand enabling could be an adventure.

ni Betsy for UX support :)

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Fingerprinters and cryptominers are being added to Content Blocking under Custom in 67. Johann had an idea to add an experimental flag or icon in preferences around these to let people know the features are still under development. This is not the same as the heads up! message.

Michelle and I don't see any issue with this, but wonder where this fits in with opt-in experiments, beta and nightly release channels, and pref flip studies. Any objections Cindy?

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Hi Betsy,
Thanks for the flag. For Nightly and Beta, it's probably not necessary to have the experiment flag as those are the purpose of those builts. It's a good idea to put a flag in release but I wonder if it means this is something we apply to all experimental features in release. Loop in Eric to comment on the UX consistency/ guideline.

For opt-in or opt-out in release, we could always flag experiment but just show the state based on users' cohorts.

Eric, any thought on this?

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I feel that this scenario is different than other experiments, beta, and nightly release channels because it's already made it into release and was not a choice/opted into by the user. As far as I know, we currently don't have anything that appears like this in preferences.

Thinking we can do something similar to these 'legacy' badges to be consistent with other warnings:


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We will not be doing this

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