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Combobox selection controlled by javascript does not interact with up/down arrow keys properly


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Steps to reproduce:

In the attached file, I have an input range (slider) and a combobox (select). They are sync'd using jQuery so that manipulating one also changes the other. I first move the slider at which point the combobox gets the focus. I then use the up/down arrow keys an observe how the combobox selection changes. Then I move the slider some distance away and try the up/down arrow keys again. Again I observe the change in selection.

Actual results:

The first time (see above) I use the up/down arrow keys, the selection changes by one up or down as appropriate. But the second time (after using the slider again - see above) I use the up/down arrow keys the selection jumps, reverting to one above or below the prior selection made with the arrow keys initially. The selection provided via the slider is ignored.

Expected results:

I would expect the up/down arrow keys to always move one up/down from the current selection, however that selection was made. This is how Chrome, Safari, Opera and MS Edge appear to work.

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Component: DOM: Events → Layout: Form Controls
Attached file jQuery free version

jQuery free version works.

So, this seems jQuery BUG?

Might be an invalid bug, but moving to DOM to check, since it's more about the behavior of the control than its layout.

Component: Layout: Form Controls → DOM: Core & HTML
Priority: -- → P3

I found that on firefox we can both control the slider and select.
Using "up/down" to control select.
Using "left/right" to control slider.

However, Chome/Safari can only use "up/down" to control select.

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