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Don't create wrap lists for positioned frames that don't have any children


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We currently create a wrap list for positioned items, so that they get a single entry in the display list for sorting.

We used to skip this if there only was a single item (and owned by the same frame). We had to stop doing this for RDL, since partial builds can have different results to full builds, and we can't have containers appearing without an invalidation.

The current exception is when the positioned frame is also a stacking context, since we know that the item in that case is already a container, and can't change when doing a partial build.

I think we can also detect the case where the positioned frame doesn't have any children frame, and also skip the wrap list in this. If there are no children, then a partial build is the same as a full build (as far as the current frame is concerned), so we can skip the wrap list.

This takes maze solver from 7.1 seconds to 5.4 seconds for me locally, with the default 30x30 maze.

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Don't create wrap lists for positioned frames that are leaves. r=miko

Missed that one, and it exposes a rather large bug :(

If we remove the last child from a frame, then the frame itself isn't marked modified (and probably shouldn't be), but we can then change whether we have a wrap list or not.

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Don't create wrap lists for positioned frames that are leaves. r=miko
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