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2019-02-26 build lost my session


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Firefox 67
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I clicked "restart to update", Firefox didn't restart, and when I restarted it manually my session was gone. History appears accurate but my pinned and non-pinned tabs are gone.

Running Ubuntu 18.10 here. After I clicked "restart to update", my FF restarted and crashed immediately. When I restarted it manually my session was gone too.

OS: Windows 10 → All

Just applied the update and had the same bug. Loading about:sessionrestore manually allowed me to restore my previous session.

pushlog between the last 2 builds:

One session restore bug in that range:

Doug, fyi this patch may have caused this regression.

One oddity on restart is that the session was empty with one pinned blank tab, I believe that Julien also had the same blank pinned tab.

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(FWIW I don't think I had one blank pinned tab)

I had the same problem with this morning's build . This morning I woke up, did the update to last night's build that I hadn't done yet, went away for 25-30 minutes, did this morning's update (like the previous, via the green notification on the hamburger menu), and the second update ended up with a weird partial-restore of the session (there were the right number of windows, not enough tabs in them, and all the tabs were blank). I quit Firefox, restored the sessionstore from the first update I did this morning (to last night's build) (cd <profile-dir>/sessionstore-backups/; cp -p upgrade.jsonlz4-20190225215823 ../sessionstore.jsonlz4) and then it restored correctly.

(I had multiple blank pinned tabs, I think... but not as many pinned tabs as I should have had.)

Uh oh, looking into this.

For now nightly updates are pinned to the 20190225215823 build.

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Is there a way for this to be caught in automated testing?

I am adding tests which recreate this and similar failures before implementing the fix. More generally, it seems that there just wasn't as much breadth in pinned tabs testing as would have been necessary to catch this.

(In reply to Julien Cristau [:jcristau] from comment #8)

For now nightly updates are pinned to the 20190225215823 build.

Respins with the backout are available. I've removed the pinning rule.

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