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Partner repack respin support


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Rail and I were talking about releaserunner going away and how we'd start off-cycle respins of partner repacks. The idea of doing that in ship-it came up, since it needs to collect some user input, execute a little logic, and send data off to taskcluster. There are other ways we can do it in the interim but ship-it is our way of starting off 'releases'.

So, roughly, a new form, which lets you select

  • branch - release or beta or esr
  • release - one of a filtered list of in-progress and complete releases on the chosen branch
  • partner - a text field which takes a single partner name (eg funnelcake, seznam). Later with bug 1530231 this would take multiple values. This becomes release_partners (a list) in the action input
  • partner build number - used in file paths so we put builds in unique places. Currently an integer, we talked about using a YYYYMMDD-hhmm timestamp so that we don't have to keep track of the next integer to use. Becomes release_partner_build_number in the action input

The minimal action input I've successfully used using Treeherder --> Custom Action --> Release Promotion looks like:

build_number: 1
next_version: '66.0b12'
buildNumber: 1
locales: [en-US, en-CA, he, it, ja, ja-JP-mac]
previous_graph_ids: [TGGeXNulSFyEfDntgjl8UA, Lkz_B4NSSL2USxiMp9fc4w]
release_eta: null,
release_promotion_flavor: promote_firefox_partners
version: 66.0b11
release_partner_build_number: 2
release_partners: [sample-configs]

The flavor is important, as well as the two release_partner values. Everything else is derived from the selected release - next_version and partial_updates are only there because we require those every time.

This is all Firefox desktop specific, excluding DevEdition. It would be great to allow Mike Kaply access to this form so he can self-serve respins.

I verified a "%Y%m%d%H%M" datestring like '201902282330' can be used for release_partner_build_number (NB no - allowed, must be an int), see This only affects the public repacks in the candidates directory, but that's fine.

Severity: normal → S3
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