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Support "insertFromPasteAsQuotation" inputType value


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Input Events WG added new inputType value, insertFromPasteAsQuotation, for Firefox. We should support this new value.

Only Firefox has an operation to paste clipboard data as quoted text
(Control + middle button paste). Input Events Level 1 and Level 2 declared
new inputType value for this operation. Therefore, we should support it.

Priority: -- → P2
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Support "insertFromPasteAsQuotation" inputType value r=smaug
Closed: 5 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Target Milestone: --- → mozilla67
Depends on: 1533452

Note to MDN team: I've added a note about this to the Fx67 rel notes:

We need to make sure this is adequately covered, including BCD. The page currently seems a bit sparse.

I think I'm done with the documentation for this now.

I updated the page, including updating the example so that it uses a contenteditable div and therefore more input types can be observed more easily. I don't think we need to list all of the input types on the page, and can continue to just link to the spec section, which is fairly well written and understandable:

I have also submitted a PR to update the compat data for inputType to add a insertFromPasteAsQuotation sub-fearture: Question - is insertFromPasteAsQuotation only supported in Firefox?

And I've tried to push forward on this PR that I submitted a while ago to add the Level 1 spec to MDN:

So that's it; let me know if you think anything else needs to be changed.

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