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Automatic installation of OpenH264 plugin is broken on Android on Firefox 67


(Core :: Audio/Video: GMP, defect, P2)

67 Branch



Tracking Status
firefox-esr60 --- unaffected
firefox65 --- unaffected
firefox66 --- unaffected
firefox67 + fixed


(Reporter: dminor, Assigned: cpearce)



(Keywords: regression)


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It is working for Firefox 65 and 66, but not with the current Nightly. It appears to check the server, the media.gmp-manager.lastCheck pref is set, but the plugin itself is not actually downloaded. My first guess is that something has happened to break this URL [1].


URLs match between Firefox 66 and 67. I'll run mozregression.

From Mozregression:

56d438156078	Chris Pearce — Bug 1527811 - Hide OpenH264 by default on Windows on ARM. r=dminor,r=Gijs
4afca6b3252e	Chris Pearce — Bug 1527811 - Don't pass appdir and omnijar path to GMP processes. r=bobowen
ad0dfa4133e6	Chris Pearce — Bug 1527811 - Ensure we write the ABI of the GMP we expect to have installed. r=Gijs
aae2bb67624e	Chris Pearce — Bug 1527811 - On Windows on ARM64, add ClearKey GMP to the GMPService in i686 subdir. r=Gijs
83b6c1e3d898	Chris Pearce — Bug 1527811 - Add GMPUtils._isWindowsOnARM64(). r=Gijs
c1e05d18c18e	Chris Pearce — Bug 1527811 - Execute plugin-container.exe for CDM GMP child process in "i686" subdir on Windows on ARM. r=bobowen

I double checked and the download was working fine on my Linux machine.

Blocks: 1527811
Rank: 15
Flags: needinfo?(cpearce)
Version: 63 Branch → 67 Branch

[Tracking Requested - why for this release]:

This is a recent regression that would prevent us from using OpenH264 on Android.

Has Regression Range: --- → yes
Has STR: --- → yes
Keywords: regression
Component: WebRTC: Audio/Video → Audio/Video: GMP
Assignee: nobody → cpearce
Flags: needinfo?(cpearce)

The problem here is the pref changes in needed to be made to mobile.js as well as firefox.js.

Pushed by
Make OpenH264 visible by default on mobile. r=drno
Closed: 9 months ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Target Milestone: --- → mozilla67

Installations are working again. Thanks!

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