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Support Cmd + K to clear the console


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(Reporter: timonvanspronsen, Assigned: helenaenred, Mentored)


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Steps to reproduce:

I opened the console (cmd+alt+i) and tried to clear the console using the keyboard shortcut: cmd+k

Actual results:

Instead of clearing the console (I'm focused on the console input) it changes the focus to the address bar and replaces the input of the address bar to ?.

Expected results:

It should've cleared the console.

Component: Untriaged → Console
Product: Firefox → DevTools

Hello Tim, thanks for the report!
We do support <kbd>Ctrl+L</kbd> to clear the console.
Is there any places where we tell people to use <kbd>Cmd+K</kbd> ?

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Ah that makes sense, I think I remembered it wrong. That being said, cmd+k is the default way to clear the terminal on Mac (ctrl+l also works but cmd+k is more widely used if you search for "clear terminal mac"), also Chrome supports both cmd+k and ctrl+l.

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okay, I changed the bug title. Thanks for the explanation, I think it would be reasonable to have it.

Severity: normal → enhancement
Ever confirmed: true
Summary: cmd+k doesn't clear the console → Support Ctrl/Cmd + K to clear the console

Thank you very much for taking it into consideration 🙏

Assigning Helena as we discussed it over Slack

Assignee: nobody → helenaenred
Mentor: nchevobbe

This is a common shortcut on OSX to clear terminal output, and something that Chrome does,
so it makes sense to implement it in our console as well.

Pushed by
Add Cmd + K support to clear the console on OSX. r=nchevobbe.
Closed: 5 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Target Milestone: --- → Firefox 67

I've created an issue in MDN/Sprints for it: #1234

Whiteboard: [good first verify]

This is not working in Dev 67.0b5 (on 3/28/19). When I hit Ctrl+K on Windows, the focus jumps to the search box and does the same in Firefox Developer 67.0b5 in Linux. Is this not implemented yet?

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Hello Irene, this is an OSX only change, I renamed the bug title to make it clearer.
Sorry about the confusion!

Summary: Support Ctrl/Cmd + K to clear the console → Support Cmd + K to clear the console

Hello Irene, this is an OSX only change, I renamed the bug title to make it clearer.
Sorry about the confusion!

Thank you for confirming this. I appreciate it.(In reply to Nicolas Chevobbe from comment #11)

just cleaning ni, awesome work Helena!

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Documentation changes completed.

Please see: MDN Sprints Issue #1234

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