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Rename TabParent/TabChild to BrowserParent/BrowserChild


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TabParent and TabChild implement the PBrowser protocol. In bug 1523072 comment 11, we decided to rename the implementations to match the protocol for Fission.

The 'Tab' naming goes beyond these implementations into 'TabContext', 'TabId', and 'nsITabParent'. This bug is just for the first step of the protocol implementations.

Build is green on today's mozilla-central [1]. It's not very hard to rebase, thankfully.


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There's a r+ patch which didn't land and no activity in this bug for 2 weeks.
:rhunt, could you have a look please?

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I've been on some PTO and decided there might be a better approach here, so I didn't land the patch here intentionally.

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I've rebased all of the patches. Try looks green, need to do a larger test run, but should be good enough to start review.

File renames cause some unified build issues. This commit adds the missing headers.

nsITabParent is exposed to frontend code and is generally used as a representation of a remote tab. We could just rename the interface to nsIBrowserParent and worry about it later, but I think it's better to rename the interface to nsIRemoteTab so that we can later work on splitting the interface away from the PBrowser protocol.

Note: Some frontend code refers to a TabParentId. This commit renames this to RemoteTabId. We need to figure out the purpose of TabId with fission.

Depends on D28131

This commit renames TabParent to BrowserParent.

Depends on D28132

Similarly to nsITabParent, TabChild is exposed to frontend code via nsITabChild. It's not clear what the future of this interface will be, but for now we can just rename it to nsIBrowserChild.

Depends on D28133

This commit renames TabChild to BrowserChild.

Depends on D28134

Pushed by
Unified build fixes. r=nika
Rename mRemoteBrowser to mBrowserParent in nsFrameLoader. r=nika
Rename nsITabParent to nsIRemoteTab. r=nika,mconley
Rename TabParent to BrowserParent. r=nika
Rename nsITabChild to nsIBrowserChild. r=nika,mconley
Rename TabChild to BrowserChild. r=nika
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Fixup unified build bustage. r=me on a CLOSED TREE
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