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Pref on RDD/AV1 for Linux


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firefox67 --- fixed


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Now that sandboxing for RDD on linux is complete, pref on RDD/AV1 for linux.

Assignee: nobody → mfroman
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Priority: -- → P2
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pref on rdd and av1 for linux. r=drno
Closed: 5 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Target Milestone: --- → mozilla67
Depends on: 1536126

Michael it seems that this patch may have caused Bug 1493611 on Fennec (see Could you have a look please? Thanks

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Looks like Alex already has the fix in. Sorry I didn't realize that android would be blanket included in linux defines.

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Blocks: RDD

Hi Michael, is there something we can test here?

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(In reply to Catalin Sasca, QA [:csasca] from comment #6)

Hi Michael, is there something we can test here?

I don't think there is anything extra to be tested here. Nils and I have talked and he agrees. We have requested help in Bug 1535335.

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Hi folks, I am a regular Firefox user, and a fan of both Firefox and AV1.

I wonder if this update will get a mention in the release notes for Firefox 67, similar to OSX (macOS) in Firefox 66 (bug 1521181)?

(Also: thanks, as always, for working on this new video codec and the browser itself!)

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The release note is added already for 67 Beta. See:

(I’m clearing the needinfo I set earlier... apologies for the noise.)

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(In reply to Dan D (volunteer tester from the community) from comment #9)

The release note is added already for 67 Beta. See:

Oops, I copied that URL incorrectly.

This is the correct URL (for desktop Firefox Beta 67):

(For those wondering why my first link broke, the full URL for Firefox for Android 67 Beta release notes is here, with /releasenotes/ at the end: ... Though I really only meant to link to the release notes for Firefox desktop.)

It looks like the release note regarding AV1 support is present for both the Android and desktop release notes for beta 67, so all is good, thanks!

(And sorry again for the noise!)

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