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Don't show inline attachments for bugs that have the keywords "hang", "assertion", or "crash"


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RE the new "inline attachments" feature: could we please disable it for bugs that have the keywords "hang", "assertion", or "crash"?

Otherwise, any such open bugs with attached image-flavored testcases (e.g. SVG files) become unvisitable in Firefox, by definition. (At least, the hang/crash ones do; and the assertion ones potentially do in debug builds.)

Just as an example -- here's one bugzilla page which now (as of recently) is un-visitable in Firefox, due to us showing an inline preview of a known-to-hang-Firefox SVG testcase:

Component: Bug Creation/Editing → General

BTW: I know that I can turn off previews universally for my own bugzilla account, but that's not a great solution here.

I should be able to share bugzilla bug-report links (like the one in comment 0, for example) with other folks (e.g. my manager, a code reviewer, on IRC, etc) without worrying that I'm inadvertently about to take down their content process due to bugzilla auto-previewing the known-explodey attachments.

kohei, do you know if there's anything we can do here?

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Yeah we can do this. Also I’ll provide a way to hide a specific image by tagging the comment, maybe with the new hide-attachment tag.

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We should fix this as soon as Monday.

Priority: -- → P2
Priority: P2 → P1

Inline images are now turned off by default as an interim measure until my PR is deployed.

Priority: P1 → P2
See Also: → 1538383

Merged to master.

Closed: 3 years ago
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Note: I’ve updated my PR to hide all SVG images from inline preview (this bug) and attachment uploader (bug 1538383).

See Also: → 1542882
Component: User Interface: Modal → User Interface
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