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Implement audio capture for getDisplayMedia


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Steps to reproduce:

Attempted requesting screen capture with audio constraints, e.g. { video: true, audio: true }.

Actual results:

No audio tracks are obtained (i.e. MediaStream#getAudioTracks() returns an empty list), since the feature is not implemented yet.

Expected results:

Firefox should implement the part of the Screen Capture specification[1] describing audio capture. AFAIU, Chromium will implement this as of Chrome 68 [2]. There's some discussion about this feature-set in bug #1321221 [3].

Type: defect → task
Component: Untriaged → WebRTC: Audio/Video
Product: Firefox → Core

Can you help me triage this one?

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I think this is low priority for us at the moment. This is a MAY in the spec, i.e. it's not mandatory to implement, so we are spec compliant without this feature.

While we do have some old disabled audio-capture code in the tree that we might be able to revive from the Firefox Hello days, I believe that code specifically exposed tab audio, and we don't currently expose tab sharing, which is what it was designed to go along with.

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Ok, thanks a lot for explaining the situation :) Chromium is in different position since they already had audio capture in their previous, non-standard implementation (although only for tabs on Mac & Linux).

Duplicate of this bug: 1627913

The spec is really hand-wavy:

In the case of audio, the user agent MAY present the end-user with audio sources to share. Which choices are available to choose from is up to the user agent, and the audio source(s) are not necessarily the same as the video source(s). An audio source may be a particular application, window, browser, the entire system audio or any combination thereof. Unlike mediadevices.getUserMedia() with regards to audio+video, the user agent is allowed not to return audio even if the audio constraint is present. If the user agent knows no audio will be shared for the lifetime of the stream it MUST NOT include an audio track in the resulting stream. The user agent MAY accept a request for audio and video by only returning a video track in the resulting stream, or it MAY accept the request by returning both an audio track and a video track in the resulting stream. The user agent MUST reject audio-only requests.

We don't know what do do, and authors and users don't have real guarantees, so I guess we can do the following to maximize usefulness:

  • On OSes where we support monitor device/loopback stream, we can offer device monitoring (we have the capability in cubeb for Pulse and WASAPI)
  • We can offer an input stream for the page's output (this is implemented already)
  • We might be able to offer the browser's output, but it's more complicated (we'd need to implement a browser-wide multi-process mixer)

Just chiming in here, we're creating a product that wants to rely on this feature (the audio sharing in particular), so it's definitely a bummer to see firefox behind edge and chrome here. Would love to see at least tab-audio sharing support.

(I'm assuming caniuse is correct when it shows firefox not supporting this at all:

Hi there. Is there a way to offer a bounty for this feature? The lack of this feature in Firefox is the only reason I ever open up Chrome anymore. Thanks.

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