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Extension activity logging


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I'm about to upload some preliminary (prototype-quality) patches to phabricator associated with this bug.
These patches add tracing of extension api calls, extension events, and content script injection. These patches do not include any UI or other affordance for viewing the logs, but an accompanying extension here can be used:

Prototype-quality logging for extension api calls, api event dispatches,
and content script injections.

To view extension activity, see:

This is a quick-and-dirty hack to use the extension logging facility
to log all activity for one or more extensions to disk. It reads a
preference (extensions.logging.ids) at startup, this pref should be a
string that holds a comma separated list of extension ids. For each
listed extension, a log file will be created in the profile directory.
This file will contains JSON blobs for each event, separated by newlines.

This is really a proof-of-concept, the implementation is not optimized
for efficiency and the log file format isn't very usable. But its a

Another very preliminary prototype patch, this annotates fetch() and XHR
references from extensions.

Priority: -- → P2
Assignee: aswan → nobody
Blocks: 1558366

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Bug 1542403 Logging extension dom activity prototype

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Bug 1542403 Add basic persistent logging

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Assignee: nobody → mixedpuppy
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Summary: Extension activity logging prototype → Extension activity logging
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Add extension activity logging facility r=rpl,zombie
Add privileged activity logging api r=rpl,zombie
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