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[Wayland] Popups are wrongly located when partial scaling is enabled


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  • Run wayland session, set partial desktop scale (150% for instance)
  • Popups are wrongly places

This could be the difference in behavior of wl_output between physical and logical layout mode, which causes GdkMonitor to report bogus sizes. This is fixed by

Duplicate of this bug: 1534089
Attached video fx-popup-bugs.webm

Some popups are also wrongly sized — the Site Information (security) one, specifically. It's rendered for 2x but sized for 1.5x, so it becomes horizontally scrollable.

The placement is correct most of the time for me (using Wayfire, a wlroots based compositor), but sometimes e.g. the main menu appears way off to the side.

Both are recorded in this video

looks like bug 1490297 is about the same thing

No longer blocks: wayland
Regressed by: wayland
Priority: -- → P3

Fixed in gtk 3.24 master / 3.24.9 (tested on Fedora 30 with vanilla Firefox 67 wayland)

Duplicate of this bug: 1466616

(In reply to robert.mader from comment #5)

Fixed in gtk 3.24 master / 3.24.9 (tested on Fedora 30 with vanilla Firefox
67 wayland)

Yes, I can confirm although I need to restart browser after the change as there's Bug 1554850.
Closing this one as WFM as we can't do anything else on Firefox side.

Closed: 6 months ago
Resolution: --- → WORKSFORME
See Also: → 1554850
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