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Firefox Sync restores deleted bookmarks


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Steps to reproduce:

Bookmark list has grown over the years, many of them are dead or even double. So I took a whole evening to mess up, to get rid of old bookmarks.

Actual results:

Now, a few days later, all old bookmarks have been restored from firefox sync.

Expected results:

Messed up old bookmarks should have been deleted from firefox sync.

I think it happened because my 2nd computer is on the same firefox sync accound so it has the same old bookmarks. My hope was, when messing up on the one computer, they automatically will be messed up on the 2nd computer as well. Instead the 2nd computer was a backup ressource to restore the already messed up bookmarks.

I am quite unhappy about that.

Component: Untriaged → Sync

Ouch - sorry about that! Did you happen to reset (not change) your password on either of these 2 devices recently?

No, I did not any changes to the Sync acccount.

While this sucks, I'm really not sure what might have caused this. If you can reliably reproduce the issue we might be able to get somewhere, but I'm sure your reluctant to do that.

Again, apologies Firefox let you down in this way and we'll keep our eye on any one else having this issue or for any clues about what might have caused it.

Blocks: bookmarksync
Priority: -- → P3
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