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Windows widget code causes Windows 7 to go read Windows\Fonts\staticcache.dat file


(Core :: Widget: Win32, defect, P3)

Windows 7



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firefox68 --- affected


(Reporter: Gijs, Unassigned)


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(Keywords: main-thread-io, perf, Whiteboard: [fxperf:p3][fxperfsize:L])


nsresult mozilla::net::nsLoadGroup::RemoveRequest(class nsIRequest *, class nsISupports *, nsresult) [xul.dll]
nsDocLoader::OnStopRequest(nsIRequest *,nsresult) [xul.dll]
void nsDocLoader::DocLoaderIsEmpty(bool) [xul.dll]
void nsDocLoader::doStopDocumentLoad(class nsIRequest *, nsresult) [xul.dll]
void nsDocLoader::DoFireOnStateChange(class nsIWebProgress *, class nsIRequest *, int & const, const nsresult) [xul.dll]
nsresult nsWebShellWindow::OnStateChange(class nsIWebProgress *, class nsIRequest *, unsigned int, nsresult) [xul.dll]
void nsXULWindow::OnChromeLoaded() [xul.dll]
void nsXULWindow::SyncAttributesToWidget() [xul.dll]
nsresult nsWindow::SetNonClientMargins(struct mozilla::gfx::IntMarginTyped<mozilla::LayoutDevicePixel> & const) [xul.dll]
bool nsWindow::UpdateNonClientMargins(int, bool) [xul.dll]
void nsWindow::ResetLayout() [xul.dll]
ZwUserSetWindowPos [user32.dll]
KiUserCallbackDispatcherContinue [ntdll.dll]
_fnDWORD [user32.dll]
DispatchClientMessage [user32.dll]
GetRealWindowOwner [user32.dll]
static __int64 nsWindow::WindowProc(struct HWND__ *, unsigned int, unsigned __int64, __int64) [xul.dll]
static __int64 nsWindow::WindowProcInternal(struct HWND__ *, unsigned int, unsigned __int64, __int64) [xul.dll]
CallWindowProcW [user32.dll]
CallWindowProcAorW [user32.dll]
UserCallWinProcCheckWow [user32.dll]
GetRealWindowOwner [user32.dll]
ThemeDefWindowProcW [UxTheme.dll]
_ThemeDefWindowProc(HWND__ *,unsigned int,unsigned __int64,__int64,int) [UxTheme.dll]
OnDwpNcPaint(CThemeWnd *,_THEME_MSG *) [UxTheme.dll]
CThemeWnd::NcPaint(HDC__ *,unsigned long,HRGN__ *,_NCPAINTOVERIDE *) [UxTheme.dll]
CThemeWnd::GetNcWindowMetrics(tagRECT const *,_NCWNDMET * *,_NCTHEMEMET *,unsigned long) [UxTheme.dll]
_GetNcCaptionTextSize(void *,HWND__ *,HFONT__ *,tagSIZE *) [UxTheme.dll]
GetThemeTextExtent [UxTheme.dll]
CTextDraw::GetTextExtent(CRenderObj *,HDC__ *,int,int,unsigned short const *,int,unsigned long,tagRECT const *,tagRECT *) [UxTheme.dll]
DrawTextExW [user32.dll]
DrawTextExWorker [user32.dll]
DT_GetLineBreak [user32.dll]
DT_DrawStr [user32.dll]
LpkDrawTextEx [LPK.dll]
LpkCharsetDraw [LPK.dll]
ScriptStringAnalyse [USP10.dll]
ScriptCheckCache(void * *,int,HDC__ *) [USP10.dll]
UpdateCache(void * *,int,HDC__ *) [USP10.dll]
FindOrCreateSizeCacheUsingRealizationID(HDC__ *,SIZE_CACHE * *) [USP10.dll]
FindOrCreateSizeCacheWithoutRealizationID(HDC__ *,SIZE_CACHE * *) [USP10.dll]
FindOrCreateFaceCache(HDC__ *,FACEMETRICS *,FACE_CACHE * *) [USP10.dll]
LoadFont(HDC__ *,FACE_CACHE *) [USP10.dll]
InitUnistor() [USP10.dll]
UniStorInit(wchar_t const *,int,long (*)(unsigned __int64,void * *),long (*)(void *),void * *,unsigned long *) [USP10.dll]
CreateFileWImplementation [kernel32.dll]
CreateFileW [KERNELBASE.dll]

This doesn't happen on Windows 10, does happen on win7. Unsure about win8. It happens in the default configuration, ie when using tabs in titlebar.

I'm wondering if the resetlayout call really needs to happen. This generally seems like somewhat odd code; the NC margins shouldn't really change much given that we default to having tabs in titlebar, so I don't understand why we need to get NC caption text sizes, though I guess we don't control the Windows side of the code here.

This might be intractable, it depends a bit on whether we can avoid this call on the Firefox side.

Whiteboard: [fxperf] → [fxperf][fxperfsize:L]
Whiteboard: [fxperf][fxperfsize:L] → [fxperf:p3][fxperfsize:L]

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Flags: needinfo?(jmathies)
Flags: needinfo?(jmathies)
Priority: -- → P3
Summary: Windows widget code causes Windows to go read Windows\Fonts\staticcache.dat file → Windows widget code causes Windows 7 to go read Windows\Fonts\staticcache.dat file
See Also: → 1769365
See Also: 1769365

Per the dupe, I'm guessing you're seeing this on Windows 11? Or maybe not?

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(In reply to :Gijs (he/him) from comment #3)

Per the dupe, I'm guessing you're seeing this on Windows 11? Or maybe not?

I have never seen this issue.
I just happened to find bugs with the same title when I searched for a certain bug in bugzilla.

I am not interested in this bug.

Flags: needinfo?(t.matsuu)
Severity: normal → S3

Considering that this only seems to affect Windows 7, which we've now moved off to ESR 115, closing this out as WONTFIX

Closed: 8 months ago
Resolution: --- → WONTFIX
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