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Latest release version on Socorro home page is showing as 66.0.3esr


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Visit Observe that the latest Firefox release version is showing as 66.0.3esr, when it really should be 66.0.3.

Huh. I'm not sure how to handle esr releases.

When you say "when it really should be", is there a specification that states that? Or are you saying you'd prefer it showed 66.0.3 and not 66.0.3esr because it affects something you do?

Seems to be the current esr should show up on that list because it's "supported" and something we should be looking at. But I don't know what people do with that page, so I don't know if my inclination towards correctness/completeness helps.

AFAIK the latest ESR release is 60.6.1, per what is shown here: So one data point is that there technically isn't a 66.0.3esr.

We don't really focus much on ESR in terms of stability, so IMO the main page should just show the current stable non ESR release for each product.

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Sample report:
Does this mean that somehow we updated someone on the ESR channel to 66.0.3?

Sorry I haven't gotten to this.

I think the issues here are two-fold:

  1. The featured versions which show up in the navbar as well as on the product home page are susceptible to "junk data". It'd be nice if we could mitigate that.

  2. ESR versions should never be considered a featured version.

I can fix the second item. I'll work on that next.

The first item needs thought. I don't know offhand how to fix it in a way that doesn't have us manually fiddling with the list of featured versions. We could go back to using product details again, but that was a bunch of code that only covers 2 of the 11 products we have. I'd rather we didn't piecemeal solve this since it creates a lot of maintenance burden. I think I'm going to push thinking about that off for now.

Assignee: nobody → willkg
Priority: -- → P2

When I landed the code, I verified it in stage. We no longer see esr versions as featured anymore.

I just pushed this to prod. However, since we did a 66.0.4, the problem went away since 66.0.4 > 66.0.3esr before I deployed this fix to prod, so we can't verify it in prod.

Marking as FIXED.

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