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Headless performance


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I develop web crawler based on Firefox headless over WebDriver.
Performance of a headless mode is very important to me.
I saw there is no bug tracking performance of headless so I wanted to check is anybody tracking this?

Per this banchmark
chrome headless is a lot faster then chrome with a head. But Firefox headless is marginally faster then windowed Firefox.
I can confirm with my crawler that enabling headless on Firefox does not improve performance.

My questions:
-Is there any work to match chrome performance in headless mode?
-Are there any configuration I can apply to improve performance? (ideas: layout.frame_rate, nglayout.initialpaint.delay, content.interrupt.parsing, content.notify.ontimer, browser.tabs.remote.autostart, layers.gpu-process.enabled ?)
-If there are can you apply those configs when Firefox is started headless?
-Is there any way I can help with producing benchmark environment or something?

Unfortunately resources were moved off of this project before we had time to work on performance. There are definitely things we could do to improve it though. Right now we still do lots of work rendering when we don't need to.

Priority: -- → P3

Will somebody have time to look into it?

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